The outer casing is manufactured from easy-to clean, polished stainless steel AISI 304. The canopy comprises connections and damper. The joints of the lower edges are fully welded and polished to ensure water tightness. A collection tray or a drain tap is fitted into the grease drain channel in order to enable removal of the grease and dirt extracted by the filters.

Each canopy shall be provided with a fluorescent light fixture providing an average luminance of approximately 500 lux at the work surfaces of the cooking appliances. The light fitting shall be suitable for a single-phase
230-VAC power supply and available both in White Light & Day Light options.
The ballast and capacitor shall be located within the light fitting housing. The light fittings shall be hinged to allow access to the canopy roof. A core electric cable (3x1mm²) connecting the light fitting to the junction box is also provided.

The grease filters shall be supplied in modular size 500 x 500 mm and shall be removable via two folding handles.

Our Double Plenum Hoods prevent spreading of the heat and impurities produced by cooking into the work area. The hoods deliver a small air jet that pushes the rising thermal current to the grease filters. These hoods are 30% more efficient, due to their lower air flow rates, which add up to direct savings on running and initial costs.