Epsilon is a TOTAL MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS provider in SHEET METAL FABRICATION. From design, application engineering, development, prototyping to Supplier of components, sub assemblies on JIT basis for large companies across industries. We continually innovate and improve our business processes to maximize value for our customers through cost reengineering, inventory control and supply chain management, also helping our company performance. We achieve this through safety excellence, empowerment of our people, effective teamwork, development of our partners and dedicated customer focus.

Everyone interacting with our Epsilon Team will recognize us both as their Partner and as the leader in our field. We will enhance our leadership position by committing to our Mission and Values and emphasizing the Continuous Improvement of our relationships and our processes. Our measures of success will be the satisfaction and retention of our Customers and our People, the success of our Suppliers and Subcontractors, and the improvement in our corporate performance.